Keeping Your Car Doors From Freezing During Winter

Keeping Your Car Doors From Freezing During Winter

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During winter months one of the most common problems in automobiles is doors freezing overnight. There are several simple things that can be done to correct this problem and here are the best solutions.

1. Vaseline: This household product is a petroleum base lubricant. If applied with a small cloth to the weather stripping (door seals) it will prevent them from freezing to the door. To do this effectively you must rub the product into the seal then, wipe the excess off . This also reconditions the seal allowing it to do its job better.

2. Clean the interior side of your door. Road film builds up on the inside of you doors along the seal area. This film is full of pollutants many having a glue like affect. Therefore causing the doors to stick and freeze more easily. To remove this build up of dirt simply wash with a household cleaner. If it is a stubborn dirt it may be necessary to use a low grade solvent, which can be purchased from a hardware or auto parts store.

3. Freezing locks: Take your key and apply cooking stray, Crisco, or WD 40 to it and work it in and out of the lock cylinder. Also using the spray tube from WD 40 insert it into the cylinder and spray, this will keep your locks from freezing as well.

With just a few minutes of work you can take the unexpected hassle of being unable to enter your car on those cold icy mornings when no one wants to be locked out in the cold.

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